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You deserve to look and feel your very best. Herbal Solutions is your health resolution.

Our company believes that self-improvement, whether in mind or body, starts with all organic solutions. We’ve built our company based on the philosophy that everyone deserves quality health supplements and beauty treatments that are backed by science, not just testimonials.

We can provide you with either just a product, face / body treatment or complex individual solution to your health, stress relives, solve weight problem, skin or cellulite problems, stomach support developed by our specialists.


Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

We are offering Endermologie: Exclusive connective tissue treatment created by LPG Systems in 1988. Lipomassage is one type of Endermologie treatment, Real Body Sculpting, Real Anti-Cellulite without surgery, 100% natural.

About LPG Treatments

LPG was founded in the mid-1980s by Louis Paul Guitay in France. Mr. Guitay invented a method to help rehabilitate damaged muscle tissue and standardize physical therapy by providing precisely calibrated and consistent massage treatments. Over time, patients noticed an interesting side effect: an improvement in the dimpled appearance of the skin.


Meet our Experts

Iryna Kapusta


Irene is a Certified Endermologie Therapist for Body Sculpting, Ergolift and Endermosport.

Licensed Nutritionalist, Esthetician and Holistic advisor.

Awarded for best skin care and cellulite therapist in 2012 by the American Skin Care and

Cellulite Association(ASCACA).

Health and Beauty, Business Coach Of Siberian Health International.

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