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Discover the world of relaxation, beauty and harmony - anti-age cream erases traces of fatigue and stress from the skin of the face! The secret ingredient is an aqueous extract of one of the very first gems in the history of mankind: the pale pink mineral rhodochrosite, or the Inca rose. 

Daily cream helps to cope with the first signs of aging, suitable for those who want to maintain youth and beauty in the modern rhythm of life. Ideal for any type and condition of the skin. 


•   Rhodo'Lîte ™ Rhodochrosite ™ The
patented Rhodo'Lîte ™ ² liquid extract of rhodochrosite gives the skin full anti-stress care. Manganese contained in rhodochrosite is responsible for the regeneration of cells, maintaining youthful skin and effective protection against damage caused by UVA rays. In combination with copper, manganese is involved in the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, which maintain skin elasticity, and also plays an important role in its immune system. 
Thanks to innovative liquid stone technology, Gattefossé scientists have been able to unleash the power of minerals from gems with maximum bioavailability for skin cells.
Rhodochrosite (Inca rose) was discovered by the Incas in the 13th century and became a symbol of well-developed intuition, harmony and order in business. Fascinating with its beauty, it calms and warms the heart, awakens love and tenderness. Rhodochrosite extract helps regulate emotions and relieve anxiety.
•   Colloidal platinum
A unique combination of peptides and colloidal particles: 
- increases the efficiency of their own cells; 
- perfectly adapts to the needs of your skin; 
- improves the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. 
•   X50 Photoglow molecule
- Increase in skin radiance by 152% * in 4 weeks; 
- More freshness and brightness of the skin on average up to + 45% * in 4 weeks. 
•   Altai mushroom tinder fungus
• Stimulates collagen synthesis; 
• Supports cell youth and health; 
• Strengthens skin immunity. 
•   Rhodo'Lîte ™ ²
• Up to 46% ** increases cell protection against oxidation caused by UVA;
• Allows skin cells to cope with stress.
The skin takes on a healthy appearance. 
The first wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. 
The surface of the skin becomes soft and supple. 
* According to Infinitec (Barcelona). 
** According to Gattefossé (France).

In the morning and / or evening, apply lightly patting movements to clean skin of the face (including the area around the eyes), neck and décolleté, allow to completely absorb.

Skin Firming Cream - Experalta Platinum


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