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Antioxidant complexAntioxidants are compounds of various chemical structures that protect cell membranes from the harmful effects that can cause excessive oxidation in the body.In other words, antioxidants have the ability to bind free radicals (active unstable particles that can initiate peroxidation processes) and are the protectors of our cells. Free radicals are constantly formed in the body as a result of redox reactions in the course of life, under the influence of various adverse environmental factors: air pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, increased ultraviolet radiation, stressful situations, infections, etc. In the body, free radicals weaken the immune system, damage the vascular endothelium, accelerate the aging of articular cartilage and affect the processes of premature aging, which leads to a destructive chain reaction that contributes to the development of diseases and pathological changes.There are a lot of antioxidants in nature. Endogenous are produced in the body itself (female sex hormones, coenzyme Q10, catalase enzymes, glutathione peroxidase, etc.). Exogenous antioxidants come with food, the simplest and most famous of them is vitamin C. However, to cope with the effects of destructive substances, one, two or even three antioxidants are not enough, because they act in a complex way. It is from this position that the antioxidant complex “Sources of Purity. Formula 3 ”, which included all the antioxidants necessary for normal functioning. These natural substances protecting the cells from the outside, from the inside and separately - at the level of a cell membrane that is very vulnerable to oxidation, providing a “triple mechanism” of protection:- external protection of cells is provided by antioxidants such as vitamin C, plant bioflavonoids (rutin, dihydroquercetin), as well as grape seed, blueberry, cranberry, thyme and green tea extract. They create a powerful barrier around each cell, binding and neutralizing free radicals.- the internal protection of the cells is provided by such antioxidant trace elements as zinc, selenium, copper and manganese, as well as riboflavin. They penetrate into the cells and stimulate the work of protective intracellular enzymes, which, like "traps", neutralize free oxygen formed inside the cells.- strengthen the cell walls and protect them from damage vitamins A and E, as well as lycopene and beta-carotene. They penetrate the cell wall and block the destructive oxidation processes that can lead to the formation of dangerous “holes” in the cell walls. Due to its triple effect, “Sources of Purity. Formula 3 ”not only cleanse the body of toxins, but also protect it from other more dangerous environmental factors of the modern urban environment.ApplicationAdults take 2 capsules with meals. Duration of admission is 2-3 months, courses 2-3 times a year.Before use, we recommend consulting your doctor.

Antioxidant Complex - Sources of Purity. Formula 3

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