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Bioactive light cream with herbal complex ENDEMIX ™ deeply moisturizes, smoothes fine wrinkles, restores elasticity and firmness.

Bioactive light cream with herbal complex ENDEMIX ™ moisturizes the skin, fills it with vitality and youth!

A complex of extracts (black spruce, yellow birch, red maple and Banks pine) deeply moisturize and retain moisture in the skin, Salinicoccus hispanicus biofermented extract smoothes the surface of the skin, significantly reducing the depth and number of fine wrinkles, improves skin texture, strengthens the epidermis, gives freshness and comfort to even the most dry and atopic skin.

Reinforced with ENDEMIX ™.
Protection against photoaging.
Decrease collagen breakdown when exposed to sunlight. Protection efficiency is 21.7% higher *.
* Based on in vitro testing.

Apply in the morning and / or evening on clean skin of the face and neck.

Moisturizing face cream - cosmetics with ENDEMIX ™ complex