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SynchroVitals VII - is a new 2-phase chronobiological complex that helps maintain vision and promote healthy eye functions. According to the intrinsic biorhythms of our visual process, the ActiFazeTM complex provides a full range of anthocyanes which are considered now among the most important vision-sustaining nutrients.


The RestFazeTM complex contains eye-friendly carotenoids and helps encourage well-being of the retina and lens and promotes healthy vision.


Recommended use: take two (2) capsules of the Morning Formula each morning, take two (2) capsules of the Evening Formula each evening with food or water.


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SKU: 500050
  • Serving Size:Two (2) capsules of each Formula

    Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Vitamin C (as L-ascorbate) 18 mg 30
    Beta-carotene 5000 IE +
    Selenium (as L-selenometheonine) 600 mg +
    Bilberry extracts (25% of anthocyanes) 320 mg +
    Lutien 10 mg +
    Zeaxanthin 4.0 mg +
    Rose hips extract 680 mg +
    Selenium (as enriched spirulina) 50 mcg 71

    + Daily value not established

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